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Precision Polishing

Our precision polishing department is considered by some of our customers to be the best source for manufacturing precision plastic injection molds. Two shifts of journeyman and apprentice moldmakers build molds at a rapid pace. Whether your need is for an aluminum prototype, medium hardness steel pre-production mold or hardened high-volume production mold, our quick lead-times help our customers get new projects off the ground in a hurry!

Our CAD/CAM and direct machining capabilities allow us to take part database files and turn them in to cores and cavities quickly. Complex shapes and contours are not a problem for our CNC professionals. With high speed 3 axis CNC mills, we can cut any material quickly. All programming is done in-house.

Our EDM department includes Wire EDM, Sinkers and EDNC. Our EDM professionals also do all of the programming in-house.

Using all of the latest mold design concepts, our molds are built with precision and made to last. With in-house CNC, EDM, heat treating and polishing, we have full control of the entire moldmaking process.

Both shifts of our Tool Department are well adapted to the rigorous demands of tight tolerances and short lead-times, whether your need is for prototypes or high volume production tooling.

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