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Mold Qualification

Pryamid Mold’s on-site Advanced Technical Center (ATC) enables us to demonstrate the capabilities of your new mold and identify the best molding process prior to shipment. Our process engineers are all Master Molder II or III certified and utilize Scientific Molding processing techniques to ensure smooth and timely startup in the field.

Detailed mold qualification requirements are established based on the customer’s input. Or process includes proving mold functionality, producing quality plastic parts, and developing an acceptable process window at the fastest cycle time. We provide a complete qualification report and mold manual that outlines process and installation parameters.

Our extensive metrology lab offers first article inspection (FAI), visual inspection, and final acceptance test (FAT) measurements to demonstrate process capability before we ship the mold.

The ATC has a wide range of capabilities, including injection molding machines that range from 30T to 500T, with stack mold, clean room, and two- and three-material capability. The ATC operates two shifts a day, seven days a week, and can install customer-specific machines for large programs.

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