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Mold Flow

Mold Flow Analysis

In addition to our initial concept, mold flow is a very important tool for verifying mold design and product design.  Using mold flow analysis, feedback on the ability to be manufactured is provided in real time and can help avoid basic mistakes before they become problematic. The information provided helps us determine our approach to finite details that we will incorporate into the tool.

Mold flow analysis (MFA) simulates plastic flow, allowing you to enhance the mold design and create the highest quality products possible. This analysis provides a virtual sneak peek into how the chosen material will fill a mold’s cavities and highlights potential areas of concern. Digitally simulating this process before cutting the tool allows changes to be made early on, ultimately saving money and optimizing results.

MFA should be conducted before tooling production launches. Software can be used to evaluate the mold design to make sure it will produce the most consistent and highest quality parts from each cavity of the tool. A virtual model of the mold is created and, using the known data and characteristics of the chosen material, the software is able to predict how the material will flow into and throughout the mold and its cavities. Different data points can be assessed, including pressure, fill time and melt temperature. Doing so allows for optimization of the process before tool production ever begins.