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Maintenance & Repair

At Pyramid Mold & Tool, Maintenance & Repair

Injection mold repairs can be costly.  This means it is critically important for injection molds to receive regular maintenance; this is simply the best way to protect your investment and maintain consistent production of quality plastic components.

Once a mold has run a set number of cycles; inspections, maintenance and cleaning should be performed.  Different types of molds age at different rates, so scheduling maintenance needs to be documented carefully.   At Pyramid Mold, our knowledge of injection molding and mold building gives us the ability to determine the best mold maintenance schedule specific to each injection mold.  We have an electronically documented preventative maintenance program for all injection molds.

Sometimes injection mold repairs or revisions are required.  Because of our on-site tooling facility, we are able to provide quick and efficient mold repairs or revisions.  Contact us for a quote.