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Modern manufacturing requires the use of machining processes that combine high precision with high productivity. Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is well suited for machining complex profiles in exotic materials that challenge the capabilities of conventional machining. This machining process uses a series of electric discharges (sparks) to erode material from a workpiece. EDM is a crucial technology in the production of high-performance molds, press tools for the production of plastic, glass and metal parts, and for the direct machining of complex precision components.

Accuracy: EDM offers exceptional profile accuracy, with tolerances as tight as ±0.0002-in easily obtainable.

Flexibility: EDM can create shapes and contours that other types of machines cannot.

Materials: EDM can be used on any conductive material, whether it has been hardened or not, including stainless steel, titanium, tungsten, copper, carbide, and tool steels.

Prototyping: Because of the speed with which designs can be updated, EDM is suitable for a variety of rapid prototyping applications.

Precision: EDM is a precision machining process with no cutting force applied to the workpiece. It allows producing finely detailed parts that would be impossible to achieve with conventional cutting methods.

Finish: The surface of a piece machined with EDM can be as smooth and consistent as 4Ra without polishing, eliminating the need for secondary operations in many applications.

Distortion: EDM is suitable for cutting hardened materials. Forms can be machined after heat treating is complete, eliminating the problem of distortion caused by heat treat.

Production: EDM offers a cost-effective, highly repeatable method of producing multiple complex parts. Our EDM equipment supports “light-out,” round-the-clock operation, so SAS can deliver your parts faster.

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